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Let DJ Scott-e create your perfect night


Congratulations on your up and coming wedding!

Have you ever wondered what makes a good wedding DJ?
One of the very reasons I decide to embark and immerse myself into weddings was for this very good reason. I love going to a wedding and have an awesome time and I’m sure you want the same for your wedding.
One of the leading websites have given 10 points to look for in a wedding DJ. Some are:

  • Is it their fulltime income
  • How does the DJ customise the wedding to the bride and groom
  • What sound equipment does the DJ use and what back up is in place
  • What other services do you offer?

Many of those questions asked are normal questions, that I get asked every day.
I’ve been DJ professionally for over 5 years. I’m one of the very few DJ’s that do it full time and week in week out. I normally DJ at over 50 weddings per year.

My services and benefits for you include:

  • Unlimited prewedding consultations – this is where we discuss how you want your night to run, what songs you want played
  • State of the art sound and lighting systems – No matter if it’s a small wedding or a large wedding, my equipment can handle it.  I also produce and master songs. This gives me a very good ear and this benefits you because I know what needs to be done to the songs to get them sounding perfect in any room…No more woofy bass, no more screechy top end, just the prefect sound.
  • Professionally dressed.  I fit in with the other guests.  In fact many people have asked me how I know the bride and groom at weddings..I smile and point to the DJ booth.  No ripped jeans, no t-shirts, no hat turned the wrong way and yes…If it’s fancy dress, I will dress for the occasion.
  • Close liaison with the venue/wedding planner – I more than happy to meet at the venue or at least discuss with the venue how to set up prior to arriving.
  • I take requests, but only if you want me to ?
  • I also have a broad range of music knowledge.  I grew up listening to my mum’s records collection.  She was is a huge Elvis fan.   I know the biggest hits from the 1950’s through to todays top 10 hits. I can also play latino, ethnic and county music.

I offer all brides and grooms a obligation free meeting, where we catch up for a coffee and discuss your special day. This gives you the confidence that you are booking the right entertainment.